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Jill Hopkins Jewellery

Jill Hopkins Jewellery is a luxury brand articulating the rich Mexican heritage, vibrancy and creativity of its Founder and CEO, Ely Hopkins Oyemade. Born in Tepic, Nayarit, the designer honed her skills at Central Saint Martins, with a complimentary degree in Fashion Design and Marketing from the University of Centro De Dise in Guadalajara. Now based in Kent, England, the jeweller cites a small shoebox consisting of five jewellery pieces, made for her final year project as the birth of the label. Since, the designer has invested every penny to build a renowned brand informed by sculptural silhouettes, and a clean, modern aesthetic. Each piece is handcrafted, adorned in luxurious golds with intricate details that convey charm, elegance and lends a contemporary feel to daily wardrobe edits.