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Whats Under your Makeup?

September 22, 2016

Good, healthy skin is always a great base to start with, when trying new makeup trends or enjoying various, different looks that come with applying a stroke of colour here & there, dabbing a hint of highlighter for that enhanced glow or using great foundations to uplift dull, sleepy skin. imgs via: one

All such techniques are an essential part of achieving a wonderful finishing result – perfect for the 9 – 5 working day or an evening of cocktails. With that being said, it is a vital necessity to regularly remember that when you are loving and caring for your skin as a first priority, you will always


reap plentiful rewards in return, in the form of glossy, radiant skin that no single makeup product or hot trend can ever

A simple note to self:skin

Always keep in mind that if dead, rough, unhealthy skin isn’t well managed, no amount of best-selling moisturisers or makeup will work nor make a

So taking the time to appropriately care for your natural skin on a daily basis and worrying about everything else later, is always the most effective beauty strategy for any skin

Below are some key products that your skincare routine will truly ‘thank you’ for.


This is not about indulgence it is about giving your skin a little helping hand in making you look your very best at all times.



1. THE DETOXskin

With changes in weather and exposure to different environmental factors (wind, air condition, pollution, sun damage, chlorinated water, city smog), the skin is prone to dryness and breakage over a period of

Using a great detoxing regime – at least once a month – is crucially important in getting rid of any detritus, toxins that build up over time and promotes healthy looking skin.skinskin


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Natural Tip – Steaming your face at least once a month with natural products such as lemons will also help clear any impurities that the skin experiences. Always remember that in order to maximise results, drink plenty of water, take Vitamin E  as part of your daily supplement and enjoy a healthier diet.


Moisture is singularly the most important element of achieving great looking, healthy skin. As a result of dehydration, the skin is likely to experience deeper lines, sagging and dryness.


Employing an effective hydration routine to your skincare is certainly a non-negotiable, as slacking on this aspect will can cause irreversible damage. Applying a moisture retaining, hydrating serum or oil will help your skin appear plumper, tighter and youthful. Massage into skin for desirable results.skinskin

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Natural Tip – Aim to drink plenty of water as a daily ritual and refine from drinking too much alcohol, coffee and fizzy drinks as these can lead to dryness skin.skinskinskinskinskinskinskinskinskin


Never skip a good cleanse as this will help remove any build up from sweat and wearing makeup all day. Unlike a detox that is normally recommended on a monthly basis – depending on the condition of your skin, using a cleansing product every day will help refresh your skin and give it time to recover.skinskin









Natural Tip – Applying a small amount of coconut oil to remove makeup or straight after a deep cleanse, will not only help keep the skin clean but will also leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised.



Before stepping out into the big wide world with your makeup, aim to protect your skin first and help combat against harmful UVA/UVB rays.  skinskin

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