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Ageing Well

August 25, 2016


Have you ever caught yourself staring in the mirror – usually after another birthday, analysing how different your skin looks in comparison to your younger days? If so, you are not alone.

There are at least more than one million hashtagged videos of anti-aging on Instagram. Detailing anything from tips and tricks on secrets of maintaining youthful skin to a complete descriptive exploration of the ‘deep lines,’ ‘loss of elasticity,’ ‘maturing’ and ‘sagging’ that magically appear after your mid-twenties, into your thirties and so forth. It can be pretty heavy stuff and most may >

call it a fixation of discovering the perfect recipe of freezing time and looking as good, if not better, as you did a decade ago. But is this possible? This obsession is of course nothing new. Ancient Egyptians such as Cleopatra herself practiced a daily beauty ritual of bathing in donkey-milk daily, as an effort to harness soft youthful skin. These accomplishments took approximately seven hundred donkeys to attain.

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Quite impressive right? But unless you have such resources wandering around your back garden – we have rounded up three very simple, easy to use and effective solutions that can help combat the signs of aging and protect your skin from environmental attacks of humidity, sun damage and

A little tip to always keep in mind is to remember that looking after your skin should never be entirely reliant on a product – no matter how great it may be. It is important to aid this process of combating aging by maintaining a healthy lifestyle – drinking plenty of water, sleep, exercise, healthy eating, limiting alcohol and smoking. These active elements plus a rich cream will equip you with achieving the perfect desired


It is important to aid this process of combating aging by maintaining a healthy lifestyle – drinking plenty of water, sleep, exercise, healthy eating, limiting alcohol and smoking.

1. Target All Key Signs of Ageing with Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II 

Anybody that has read Anaria, knows how much we love this product. That is because it truly is a magic potion in a bottle. Containing chronoluxCB technology,  the serum helps the skin to retain water and is a great solution to those moments you have stood in front of the mirror and wondered ‘where all those lines appeared from?’ It also helps boost the skin’s own renewal process and reveals a smoother, more radiant & youthful look. For best results, massage into skin on a nightly basis and before applying a nightly moisturiser.



2. Revitalise Skin with Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Crème

Dry skin is prone to loss of firmness, dull looking and unhealthy skin. This in, itself is bound to make you look 10 years older than your actual age. Plum up those lines with an effective moisturising cream that helps reduce the look of multiple signs of ageing. There should never be any excuse to subject your skin to dehydration.



3. Look after the Eye area with New Dimension Firm & Fill Eye System

The last battle comes in the form of targeting fine lines around the eye area. A dead give away of how old you be. Even worse, they can make you look a lot older than you actually are, if not taken care of carefully. Employ the two-step eye treatment by Estee Lauder that will instantly smooth out any signs of ageing, tighten and tone. – Featured img: @Kyrzayda