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February 4, 2017

successI  have had the wonderful pleasure of sitting down with some of the most successful managers within television & fashion, to discuss their career journeys.

successConversations have ranged from the dreams they held as children, how these have changed over time, to what challenges they face in their job roles. My main aim has always been to get, to the very essence of who they are outside of their managerial parameters.>

successWhat influences them in their decision-making, inspires them and what do they rely on, in order to do their job effectively.

successBy determining certain principles they live by, I have been able to understand some of the core values they hold dear to their hearts and have been contributing factors to their career success.


Getting comfortable in a career you have no passion for can be very easy to do. With bills to pay, a lifestyle to maintain and a competitive job market, it is understandable that sometimes going for your dream job simply isn’t as straightforward as we wish it was. Nevertheless, doing a job you have zero desire for, can be damaging to your confidence, happiness and ultimately your prospects.successfulThe managers I have spoken to have outlined that, the main reason they have experienced fulfilling careers is down to the passion they have for what they do. As a result, giving 110% to their jobs happens more naturally and with that, comes its own rewards. So if you are certain that you are in the wrong career or unsure that it is right for you, now is the time to make changes. Make a career transition plan and do something you truly love.


successful“Challenges will come whether you like it or not – it’s called life. But, it is how you handle them that makes a huge impact in your life.”



It is very easy to assume that people in positions of authority and power hardly experience times of hardships. On the contrary, most individuals that have managed to climb the career ladder and become successful have experienced the biggest challenges.successfulThe defining factor in their success has always been down to their resilience to never give up when times got tough. A manager I once spoke to, put things in the simplest terms. ‘Challenges will come whether you like it or not – it’s called life. But, it is how you handle them that makes a huge impact in your life.’ So whatever you are going through today, keep this point in mind and keep pushing through any obstacles you endure to get to your goal.successful



How many times do we find ourselves, needing to make a decision and are afraid of people’s reaction to it? This fear can deter us from trusting our own instincts and lead to us going against what we know is the right thing to do. Basing a decision solely on popularity is risky as it opens up possibilities of making irreversible mistakes.successfulMost successful managers have made it clear that making tough decisions on a daily basis is probably the most challenging task they have to encounter, but one that is crucial as no one appreciates an indecisive leader. So, if you are a practicing manager or working your way up to become one, practice your confidence in making decisions and necessary changes, no matter how difficult it may be. Your confidence is most likely to gain you respect from your colleagues whether they agree with with you or not.successful


4. BUILD YOUR NETWORKsuccessfulsuccessful

We hear it all the time. Networking is an important part of tapping into those opportunities, you wouldn’t otherwise know about. By talking to different people in various areas of your chosen industry and understanding what they are involved in, what projects they are working on, your chances of hearing about any upcoming job openings before other people is broadened.successfulSome managers I have interviewed are brilliant networkers and have mostly secured positions as a result of recommendations that occurred before the job was even advertised. So make it a point to have conversations with a wide range of people and keep in touch, so that if anything comes up, you are the first person that comes to mind. Always back up what you can deliver with the relevant experience and qualifications required so that when an opportunity arises, you are ready.successful



An unhappy workforce is not productive and processes without people are pointless. Pretty much every single manager I have interviewed has talked about how they wouldn’t be able to achieve any of their departmental goals without their teams.successfulSome have gone as far as saying ‘my team makes me look good.’ So it is important to remember that whatever you do, you have to work with people. If you treat people with the respect and commit to doing your best by them, success will follow because they will do their best by you. Imgs via: one  | two successful

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