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Life Lessons

The Importance of Reflection

October 23, 2016


How often do you sit down and reflect on your previous achievements? Take time out to acknowledge the hard work you put in, in order to achieve that goal you set yourself? More importantly, how often do you think to yourself, ‘if I was able to do that back then, I am capable of doing it again, if not more.’ So many times we tick things off our lists. Enjoy the gratification for a moment and move on to the next ‘to do list,’ without really reflecting on the efforts it took, to successfully complete the last one.


Our eagerness to swiftly move on to the next thing is admirable at the best of times. However, it can also leave us vulnerable and in danger of losing perspective on the essential elements it took to achieve our last success.


Such insight is beneficial to our personal development as it gives us the chance to really understand our own inner strength.spaceBy reflecting on the skills, knowledge and determination we relied on in our previous achievements, we empower our belief in what we think we are capable of and enhance our confidence in the process. >

Doing this provides us with the mental strength to get through any challenge we might encounter moving forward. By relying on examples of our past achievements we have a reference point of what we are able to do.


Thus, when we face difficult times, we can carry through them with resilience. So next time you tick off that task off your list, for example ‘paying off your debts’ remember the importance of reflection and utilise the experience by doing the below:




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Who wants to write down what they learnt as a result of taking the bins out? No one! When I say write down what you learnt out of a situation, I mean, acknowledge the significant experiences and moments you have previously found yourself in.


Times that have really challenged you to the max and have enabled you to push hard in order to achieve what you wanted or overcome the challenge.


For example, if you have recently been offered a great job role but faced twenty rejections prior to your triumph, then this would be the perfect scenario to reflect on and analyse certain. >

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skills/knowledge you used in order to finally get your win. By looking back on your journey from start to finish, understanding what worked, what didn’t, any feedback you received, changes you had to make, skills you had to rely on – you get a perfect picture of what the winning formula looks like.


So that, next time you go to another job position, you are in a great position to use the last experience as a source of encouragement. This aspect of reflecting on our success also helps us to learn from our previous mistakes.

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I am a strong believer in exercising self-belief and going with what you personally think is right. However, this is not to say other people cannot add value to our situations.

space There are times when people around us have more insight into what we are going through and are in a position to offer great advice that we might otherwise not have access to.

spaceTheir own experiences and wisdom over certain aspects of life can save us a lot of unnecessary heartache and pain. Therefore, there is no shame in asking people for feedback on your performance. >

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3.TAKE TIME OUT & CHILLparagraph space
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Now, I will be the first to admit that I can exercise this aspect of reflection more often myself. I am, what you would class as a busy buddy. I am always doing something at sixty miles an hour and when I am not, I am thinking of what I could be doing.spaceIt’s a bad habit but one that has become a normal aspect of my life. The problem with that is experiencing burn outs becomes second nature to me. Energy levels can go from ‘ I feel great, I can conquer the world‘  to ‘ I just want to crawl up in bed right now,‘ within a space of a few hours.spaceThankfully, as I get older, I am beginning to appreciate the importance of just taking time out and rejuvenating my energy.spaceDuring this period, I try to look back on all the great things that have happened to my life and this becomes another source of reneging my spirit. It helps me stay focused and reinforces my belief in the positive things that are yet to happen in my life. Featured imgs via: @garypepperspace

-say after working on a challenging project or their perspective on something you might be going through. However, don’t just stop there.spaceGo one step further and make note of anything inspirational they pass on to you – keep a journal. When you have a spare moment, once in awhile, go through your notes.spaceYou will be amazed at how much growth you may have gained and most importantly, you may get a completely new viewpoint on the entire situation. One that makes you appreciate the experience even more and the lessons learnt as a result of it.paragraph spacespacespacespace


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