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Behind The Silence

slider image source: oraclefox  Earlier this year, authors Sophie Hennekam and Dawn Bennett concluded their study, ‘sexual harassment in the creative industries…’ by suggesting that “a tolerance of sexual harassment among female creative workers” is […]…
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Uncovering the ill-treatment
of Models

source:vogue|balenciaga  On Monday 27th February 2017, casting director, James Scully succeeded in shining a light on the inhumane and discriminatory treatment experienced by models within the fashion industry. Writing on his Instagram account, James detailed […]…
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The Motherhood Effect:
Experiencing Inequality in Fashion

source:oraclefox  Women, especially mothers, are experiencing discrimination and inequality within fashion.  While the topic of gender inequality is a defining point of discussion for many leaders – with more than 75 percent of CEOs prioritising […]…
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