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August 25, 2016

There is always an obsession with buying into the latest new trends and embracing the various new looks presented to us off the catwalk shows. But, what if there was a way, even remotely, to wear the same pieces you bought last season and still look, fabulously stylish, if not more.

This is not to say, put a cross over buying new trend pieces all together. No, not at all. But there is always a smarter way to guarantee a hint of glamour every time you step out the door. And the secret lies in – firstly – curating the perfect closet filled with must-have pieces.

It is a pretty easy and uncomplicated task. All you require is the ideal concept of your own signature look mixed with dress up pieces that will elevate your overall attire. Ultra-elegant, simple pieces, that you can throw on at any point and still achieve a classic chic finish are the best place to start.

The Jumpsuit

Here is the thing about the jumpsuit – It is a classic, versatile and can easily be worn at any occasion, during any weather, irrespective of current trends. And yes, there is such a thing as having one closet piece – ‘the chameleon’ – that can be transformed into any look you desire, at any point, you decide to call on it.  Look for pieces that are well tailored to your body shape rather than opting for the ‘one size fits all’.stylishEmbrace the transformative powers of the jumpsuit by complementing it with ultra-pretty pieces of jewellery & canvas sneakers for your off-duty look. Switch it up with signature two-strap sandals and bold statement jewellery for evening wear. It goes without saying, that it is completely impossible to get your look wrong when you throw on a perfectly tailored jumpsuit. 


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The Structured Pants

Sure, it is an obvious choice, but with good reason. Well-tailored pants are flattering as they tend to elongate the body, making you look slimmer and sleeker in the process. They are definitely essential to any well-edited wardrobe. For a clean, contemporary, modern finish team with smart leather flats or trainers for a luxe, laid-back spin, of a traditionally masculine style.stylishTo go one step further, add a little personal twist and play around with pastel shades as seen on Stella McCartney’s Spring ’16 collection. A pair of glossed textured-leather pumps will ease the transition from office hour to after dark glamour.

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The Statement Jacket


In the midst of unpredictable weather, a statement jacket is the easiest way to maintain an aura of elegance and refinement. Every woman deserves a beautifully made, classic that never ages with time and guarantees to elevate any attire from ‘okish’ to extraordinary. Pair it with either a simple tee and pair of jeans or a sophisticated cocktail gown.

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