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Say No To Fear

I have a dream, but FEAR is the main reason I am not achieving it! How many people admit this? How many people confess to themselves that the main reason they are not out there grabbing […]…
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Stop Failure From Defining You

I have experienced failure at many things in life than I care to remember and endured pain, shame, discouragement as a direct result of these failures. Consequently, such encounters have lead to strong desires of […]…
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What Type Are You?

A lovely mentor of mine shared  great insight into what it takes to succeed in life. I don’t particularly recall how we got on the subject matter, however, she mentioned something extremely interesting that I […]…
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The Importance of Reflection

  How often do you sit down and reflect on your previous achievements? Take time out to acknowledge the hard work you put in, in order to achieve that goal you set yourself? More importantly, how […]…
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