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Career Prospects Don’t
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January 17, 2017

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Career stagnation, lack of opportunities to enhance your skills, doing a job that is not particularly your passion and generally feeling stuck in a career that you feel is not going anywhere are all reasons most of us experience unfulfillment and zero motivation to keep moving forward.CareerSunday evenings are suddenly accompanied by feelings of dread as we contemplate the Monday morning drawing closer. img: oneCareer

CareerUnpleasant thoughts of every single element we dislike about our job occupy our minds, as we reflect on the mundane tasks we have to complete on a daily basis.CareerCareerCareerThe long hours we have to put in, in order to get things done with possibly little or no appreciation. Having to deal with an unhealthy & unproductive working relationship you may have with your boss.CareerCareerCareer Or sometimes, it may simply be that you carry with you a strong gut feeling of being in the wrong job or industry that is not best suited for you. Career

CareerThese are all uninspiring situations that most of us have experienced at one point or another and for some, these experiences are happening at present time in their work lives.CareerCareerCareerThe frustration of getting up, every single morning to spend eight hours or more in a job role that simply leaves you unfilled or is going nowhere is enough to leave anyone feeling hopeless with little light in sight.>

CareerBut, whatever current circumstances you may be dealing with in your career, it is imperative to keep the following in mind and believe that, it is completely possible to change your situation and finally enjoy a career you have always dreamed of. CareerCareerCareerAll those dreams you held as a child growing up, the hard work you put in, in order to get to where you wanted to be are still very much feasible.CareerCareerCareer Yes, you may have had hardships, yes, you have experienced unfairness and yes, you may have gone through some tough setbacks.CareerCareerCareerHowever, you can still take control of the situation and do everything in your power to enforce a change of direction to where you are currently headed.CareerCareerCareerBelow are a few steps to get you from ‘hoping’ things will change to ‘actively making things change’ by creating your own prospects and finally getting to that ideal point in your career.



All those dreams you held as a child growing up, the hard work you put in, in order to get to where you wanted to be are still very much feasible.Tweet this






How easy is it to point the finger at everything and everyone that has contributed or lead you to your current situation?CareerCareerThe recession, the economy, the government, the bills to pay, the horrible boss, the favoritism of other colleagues, the long story of ‘how things just don’t work out’ and so on and so forth.Career
Of course, these are all mitigating circumstances and extremely valid reasons to explain why things aren’t as good as you envisioned they would be at this stage in your career life.CareerCareer

However, in order to fully move forward in a positive manner, we have to learn to take some responsibility for why things aren’t exactly how we want them to be.CareerCareer To explain, I will use my own short story as an example of how the absence of taking responsibility for things that happen in life is more damaging than we are prepared to pay the price for.CareerCareerWhen I finished University, my goal was to carve a successful career in either Public Relations or Journalism.CareerCareerI figured I enjoyed them both equally as much and they were closely related to what I had studied at University – Corporate Communications.CareerCareerHowever just before I had the luxury to decide which career I would pursue and begin my first year of employment, the recession hit and I was forced to get any job I could – just to get by.>CareerCareer

I was able to find a job as a Finance Assistant at a reputable media company, but I knew deep down in my heart that this was not my true passion.CareerCareerYet six years on, I was still a Finance Assistant and unashamedly still used the recession as the main reason of indulging in a job that ‘wasn’t’ for me.Career

The only problem with that story was that the recession was long gone. And what had started out as a valid reason for me not doing what I truly wanted to do, was now merely an ‘excuse.’ CareerCareerI knew finance was not a right fit for me yet never took the necessary steps to change this picture.CareerCareerInstead, I made excuses, named every person I could that had ‘stopped’ me from doing what I wanted and six years on, guess what?CareerCareer I was still going through the same story! It dawned on me that for change to happen, I had to change and in order to do so, I had to take responsibility for my part in the entire story.CareerCareerBy doing so as a start, I knew I could begin to take control of where I was in my career and where I really wanted to go.Career CareerNow, of course, everyone’s story is different. However the point still remains –  in order to start making any changes in your situation, you need to start by digging deep within yourself and understanding the part you have played in your current situation.  CareerCareerThen, and only then can you start making the necessary changes. Below are a few pointers to help you in your quest.

…in order to start making any changes in your situation, you will need to firstly, start by digging deep within yourself and understanding the part you have played in your current situation.” Tweet this




2.DON’T MAKE EXC– USESCareerCareerCareerCareerCareerAs mentioned in the above point, making excuses can have unproductive results in our quest to move forward.CareerWhen we place blame on others or use something as an excuse for where we are in life, we immediately give that situation the power to continue ruling over our lives, as my personal example briefly illustrates.

CareerHowever, when we take responsibility and look to ourselves to get things done, we are immediately empowered by the idea that we are in control, in comparison to when we walk around defeated with no hope.CareerCareerCareerAdmitting what you can do to improve things, gives you an immediate start on what changes you can make to better the situation you are in. This will give you the confidence to do what’s necessary going forward.>CareerCareer

3.STOP WAITING AROUND FOR SOMEONE TO CHANGE YOUR SITUATIONCareerCareerYou might just be in luck and someone might walk up to you in the street and say “ here is a million pounds – go start your own business.”CareerCareer Or, “I had an incline that you wanted a job promotion, so here you go – new office, company benefits, personal assistant and salary increase –  you can start Monday.”CareerCareerHowever, the possibility ratio of this actually occurring in real life is extremely small.CareerCareerIt might be true that there are plenty people out there willing to help you, but nobody will take full charge & responsibility for your life and career.CareerCareerThe reality is, you have to do the hard work yourself, take charge and make things happen. 


After you have considered the above, now is the time to make clear statements on what you are going to do, to change these circumstances you have found yourself in and how.

Do you need a career change, a new role, to leave the company, launch your own startup etc? What is the next step you need to make in order to make that dream come true? The promotion, salary increase, the amazing role, whatever it may be – now is the time to outline what you will do moving forward in order to make it a reality. 



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