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Woman of Style & Power

Aimee Song
International Fashion Blogger

July 30, 2016

Top-level, high paying, assignments within the world of fashion blogging doesn’t particularly happen by chance or in fact, come along very often. One does not merely rely on good looks, selfies, pretty clothes and the click of a camera to entice lucrative brands in spending a portion of their marketing budget on endorsing content. Or offering large-scale partnerships that roll into six-figure sums, with the addition of travel perks to exotic lands on work projects.

So how has this month’s woman of style & power, Aimee – pronounced Ah-mee, rhyming with ‘mommy’ as emphasised on her twitter page – succeeded, so impressively where others simply dream of and wish they could arrive one day?


From her beginnings as an Interior Architecture student in 2008, documenting her style on Song Of Style, Ms. Song has steadily carved a successful digital brand, that has been definitive in earning her a place on Forbes 30 under 30 list, Business of Fashion 500 and has lead to partnerships with major fashion brands such as Laura Mercier. She has long been a great source of fashion inspiration to the profusion of dedicated followers who accumulate to more than 3.5 million on Instagram alone, with an addition of over 1 million, collectively, on other social media platforms.


And as if this phenomenal combination of transforming an incredible personal style into a significant profitable business wasn’t enough, Aimee has crossed over into the spectrum of design and writing. With a jewelry collection of pyramid stone bracelets, an apparel clothing line and a publication of her first book launching in September. Titled “Capture your Style : Transform Your Instagram Images, Showcase Your Life, and Build the Ultimate Platform.” Her allure lies in an intriguing mix of ‘the girl next door,’ sharing simple, laid-back, easy to achieve fashion tips and remaining unfazed by the comprehensive level of success gained on the digital front.

So what is the winning formula to such blogging stardom?It’s all about great content.” She has once noted to Cosmopolitan magazine.

Don’t blog to make money. Just stay true to yourself and enjoy sharing your passion with others. cosmopolitan. 

Implementing such a simple philosophy is straightforward, uncomplicated and a great starting point for anyone to follow.


Expectedly, however – it is also fair to assume that, there is not one specific thing that you can package, box up and resell as a guaranteed magic potion for ‘making it’ in the fashion blogosphere. Like mathematics, all elements are required to add up in perfect harmony in efforts to produce a desirable outcome. A result that is undeniably reliant on a robust strategy – consistent of great content management, promotion, social media and an overall sense of  good business practices. A level of intelligence is also predominantly required in understanding your audience, their needs and what ‘you’ as a blogger or curator can do to effectively meet their expectations when they visit your site. Focusing on such components is undoubtedly the best formula of creating a staircase to victory as a blogger and we can all certainly learn a thing or two, from Aimee Song on how to go about doing so. 

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