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Tuesday, 27th September, 2016

Stop Failure From Defining You

I have experienced failure at many things in life than I care to remember and endured pain, shame, discouragement as a direct result of these failures. Consequently, such encounters have lead to strong desires of […]…
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The Importance of Reflection

  How often do you sit down and reflect on your previous achievements? Take time out to acknowledge the hard work you put in, in order to achieve that goal you set yourself? More importantly, how […]…
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Whats Under your Makeup?

Good, healthy skin is always a great base to start with, when trying new makeup trends or enjoying various, different looks that come with applying a stroke of colour here & there, dabbing a hint […]…
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Rules of Success

I  have had the wonderful pleasure of sitting down with some of the most successful managers within television & fashion, to discuss their career journeys. Conversations have ranged from the dreams they held as children, […]…
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